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The swedish network for industrial and urban symbiosis

About us

The Swedish Network for Industrial and Urban Symbiosis is a network that supports the practical development of IUS in Sweden. Furthermore, the network aims to contribute to increased knowledge of and engagement in industrial and urban symbiosis so that more people can start working with the strategy or streamline existing work. Our History

Our history

The Swedish Network for Industrial and Urban Symbiosis (SNIUS) is an initiative founded to support the practical development of industrial and urban symbiosis in Sweden. The network is a result of the research group for industrial and urban symbiosis at Linköping University, which recognized the need to systematically support the practical development of IUS in Sweden. Therefore, they initiated the work to develop a national network and resource center for this purpose in March 2015 with support from the initial members. The work on the network's goals and vision has continued and evolved. Today, SNIUS works towards the following goals and vision to effectively scale up IUS processes in Sweden.

Our Goals

  • Mobilize and improve the capacity of Swedish municipalities and regions to support the development of IUS
  • Support the establishment of regional nodes that can coordinate work in the long term
  • Contribute to the development of companies' ability to do good business with the help of IUS
  • Develop and make available methods and tools to support the facilitation of IUS
  • Increase the number of collaborations and knowledge exchanges among stakeholders and regions
  • Create an enhanced voice, function as a bridge, and secure support from national authorities and institutions
  • Improve national and international profiling of IUS activities and programs

About the Website

Our website exists to showcase inspiring examples and cases, offer tools to promote symbiosis, and provide contact information for members of the network. The ambition is to make all relevant material from other actors available. Do you have material that can help promote industrial and urban symbiosis? Contact us at

Local Examples of Industrial and Urban Symbiosis