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The swedish network for industrial and urban symbiosis

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The organizations here have chosen to be part of the Symbiosis Network, signaling their interest and ability to collaborate within industrial and urban symbiosis. Here you will find much of the combined expertise available in the field in Sweden. Feel free to seek out partners for project collaborations, consultations, and exchanges.

Cleantech Östergötland

Cleantech Östergötland is a politically independent network where individuals from business, public sector, and academia come together to address society's environmental challenges. Together, Cleantech Östergötland cultivates successful relationships that evolve into sustainable businesses. The project "Cirkulär kraftsamling i Östergötland and Örebro," where Cleantech Östergötland acts as a project partner, aims to empower companies to implement various circular solutions, making them more sustainable, profitable, and resilient to external changes. Challenges include climate change impacts and geopolitical uncertainties affecting component and material supplies for businesses.

The primary target audience includes companies generating residual streams or those where another company's residual streams could serve as inputs. It also targets companies looking to replace unsustainable components with sustainable alternatives, such as those based on bioresources. The approach involves various knowledge-building initiatives and networking activities. The goal is to facilitate companies' transition toward sustainable practices using the knowledge and tools generated by the project.

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I have personally gained a lot from following the network since 2015. Whether you work with circular economy or industrial resource collaboration in the private or public sector, you constantly need new impulses and contacts. The network seeks out exciting environments and gathers individuals who represent good examples. As a local symbiosis developer, you occasionally need to recharge your batteries.
Ian Hamilton, Project Manager Cleantech Östergötland

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